WSIB Claims Management

WSIB Claims ManagementErgoMed has a clear and in depth understanding of the Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) as well as their New Experimental Experience Ratings (NEER) program and the potential cost savings for companies in the area of NEER rebates. A structured modified duty program plays a large role in the on-going control of costs. With the new legislation under Bill 99 this is even more of an issue.

ErgoMed can work with your Joint Health and Safety Committee and your supervisors to structure an effective Modified Duty Program.

A seminar is available for supervisors to teach them an effective way of managing early and safe return to work for injured employees. A seminar in the NEER program for managers and supervisors is available.

Progressive employers have always know that eliminating or reducing workplace injuries is “good business”.

It is also “good business” to help injured employees get back to work as quickly as possbile through structured Return to Work programs. Not only does the employee benefit but the company can reduce it’s overall disability costs.

We work closely with companies to develop Return to Work programs that suit their specific industry and unique business.

ErgoMed is also prepared to undertake a review of an injured worker’s file and initiate correspondence with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board on your behalf in the areas of:

  • Claim entitlement or dispute.
  • Difficult return to modified work situation where ergonomic assessment of the proposed job is required or dispute exists as to the suitability of a job given the injured worker’s restrictions.
  • Issues of permanent impairment and the need for NEL assessment.
  • Medical record access and review of any issues in dispute with the potential for Secondary Injury Enhancement Funding.
  • Writing of appeal documents, either paper review or oral hearing.

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