Safe Sawmills

Safe SawmillsSawmills have specialized equipment and processes that require a specialized safety program.

Our Safe Sawmill Ontario program is effective in providing a structured environment where safety can be a priority and workplace risks can be reduced.

Safe Sawmill Ontario Program began as part of the WSIB’s Safe Workplace Ontario initiative in 1998. Implementation of the Safe Sawmills Ontario Program through OFSWA has been shown to reduce accidents and incidents, promote productivity and reduce compensation costs.

Please review the Table of Contents below to understand the comprehensiveness of our Safe Sawmill Ontario program.

  1. Accident Investigation
  2. Certified Member Policy
  3. Contractors Safety Policy
  4. Employee Orientation Policy
  5. First Aid Policy
  6. Formal Recommendations
  7. Joint Health and Safety Committee function and terms of reference
  8. Lockout Policy
  9. Planned Inspection Policy
  10. Policies
  11. Personal Protective Equipment policy
  12. Safe Operating Procedures
  13. Supervisors Responsibility under the Occupational Health and Safety Act
  14. Visitors Policy
  15. WHMIS Policy

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