Medical Reviewing Officer

Medical Reviewing OfficerThe Medical Review Officer, MRO, is a Medical Physician with a certification in the interpretation of urinary forensic drug testing. Many legitimate medications can interfere with the results of urine drug testing. Some people use illegal substances to try to hide or obscure the legitimate results of urine drug testing. The role of the MRO is to sort these issues out and to ensure the integrity and reliability of a drug test result.

The MRO is in fact the advocate for the employee’s protection and verifies every result. The program is not designed to identify persons who are under medical care and therefore authorized to take medications. The program is in place to deal with those persons who are using drugs without medical authorization and provide assistance when required.

Dr. Gardiner, as a certified MRO will ensure the integrity of your drug program. He has a background in toxicology and the legalities surrounding drug testing programs. With his certification and experience you can be assured of legally sound advice and problem solving.

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