Joint Health and Safety

Joint Health and SafetyErgoMed understands the value to your company of having an effective and productive JH & S Committee. Too often production pressure undermines your committee member’s ability to do the paperwork portion of the job arising from meetings or planned inspections. Lack of minutes, action items and follow-up can block the effective functioning of any committee.

Joint Health and Safety Committee Management

Provision of a qualified person to act as the recording secretary for your JH&S committee to provide accurate minutes, designate follow up of issues and prepare the agenda.

Documentation of issues discovered during planned inspections and arranging for their follow up and tracking until resolution.

Mentoring program for Joint Health and Safety Committees

Provision of a certified member, Dr. E. M. Gardiner Phase 2 certified, under the Occupational Health and Safety Act to work as a management member with your JH&S committee in areas of health and safety policy, planned inspection, accident investigation, hazard recognition and control, PPE standards based on your requirements, work refusal, confined space issues, designated substance surveillance and policy.

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