Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug and Alcohol TestingErgoMed, Occupational Health Services offers Fitness for Duty Programs including: Mining, Construction, Forestry, Manufacturing, and Transportation industries, just to name a few.

Responsible companies realize the benefits of providing a safe workplace for their employees, as well as enhancing their role as responsible corporate members of the community. These initiatives have been strongly endorsed by various government organizations, unions, and community groups because of the proactive approach to today’s safety concerns and the positive example to the youth of the communities.

The Health and Safety Acts throughout the provinces are very clear on the responsibility of the employer to provide a safe and healthy work environment. The drug free workplace program is designed for exactly this. It is also intended to help the abuser not just the people who come into contact with the abuser. Employers have found that the cost of a comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Testing Program can be more than offset by helping to address such issues as productivity, theft, rising compensation costs, and potential liability costs. Our programs are designed to provide a safe and healthy work environment for the employee while addressing some of the more costly issues, which face companies in today’s competitive markets.

Overview – Contractual Obligations

Over the past few years industry has been obliged to participate in drug testing programs as a requirement of contracts. The programs have been disjointed and without purpose other than to fulfil contractual obligations. We believe that with a properly managed program there are exceptional benefits to both the company and their employees.

The objective of a Drug Free Workplace Program is to minimize the risk of drug use in the workplace and impaired performance due to substance use/misuse. Many of the requirements are specifically in place to protect the company and its employees. Industries today have a vital interest in the safety of the public as well as maintaining a safe, healthy, and efficient working environment for all of its employees. Being under the influence of a drug or of alcohol while on the job poses serious safety and health risks, not only for the user, but to all those who work with or otherwise come into contact with the user.

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