Disability Management

Disability ManagementDisability costs continue to rise while responsible companies are seeking methods to help injured employees return to work. Return to work programs reduce disability expenses and allows workers to reenter the workforce as contributing members. For many, getting back to work can be powerful medicine.

Disability management includes establishing policies, procedures and programs to help these injured workers return to work safely. In addition, programs are implemented to prevent injury and illness in the future.

Injured Worker Recovery Program

  • Early assessment and identification of any barriers that exist to prevent successful rehabilitation in an injured worker.
  • Regular follow-up with the injured worker in person and via telephone.
  • Structured and supervised rehabilitation program through physiotherapists, chiropractors, personal trainers, massage therapists under the supervision of a physician.
  • Communication with Workplace Safety and Insurance Board adjudicators, caseworkers, nurse case managers and medical staff to determine suitability of early return to work.
  • Identification of any accommodations required to the pre-injury job or any modified jobs at your company that matches the workers restrictions.
  • Regular liaison with the workers Supervisor to identify problems and monitor the progress of the injured worker back to his regular job.
  • Referral for ancillary services as the need arises i.e. social worker, counselor, drug detoxification and rehabilitation, psychologist, employee and family assistance program etc.
  • Full documentation of findings and worker’s progress in a confidential medical chart.

Injured Worker Recovery Program available on a per worker basis or on a monthly retainer basis.

We work closely with companies to develop disability management programs that suit their specific industry and unique business.

Please contact us if you feel your company could benefit from the implementation of one of these programs or a program customized to your specific needs.

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