Role of the Company Physician

Role of the Company Physician
The Company Physician will hold a valid license for the Province of Ontario to practice medicine.

Coverage for malpractice from a suitable company is also required.

The role of the company physician will include, but not be limited entirely to, the following:

  1. Periodic assessments of workplace hazards and suggestions as to the prevention of work related injuries.
  2. Review of the physical demands and essential duties of all assigned jobs on the property.
  3. Periodic visits to the site to assist the Joint Health and Safety committee in problem areas.
  4. Reinforcement of health and safety.
  5. Audiometric screening program and referrals to appropriate physicians.
  6. Performing section 25 medicals i.e. W.S.I.B. medical reassessments by the physician of the companies choice.
  7. Setting up preventive medicine programs and screening.
  8. Assistance in referring employees to drug or alcohol rehabilitation centres if required within the Employee and Family Assistance Program.
  9. Pre-placement medical exams to determine the workers abilities to perform the essential duties of the assigned job.
  10. Return to work medical examinations after an accident or illness to determine the employee’s restrictions and to recommend to the company any accommodations that may be required.
  11. To provide liaison between the employees personal physician and the company in cases of difficult return to work.
  12. To communicate with WSIB adjudicators and nurse case managers in assisting an injured employee to return to work in a timely and safe fashion.
  13. To be responsible for confidential health records.
  14. To be available to the human resources superintendent and supervisors on a daily basis for advice or same day referrals as the need arises.
  15. To provide liaison between injured workers and their personal physician regarding the level of functioning and stamina required returning to the work place.
  16. To assist in the formulation of medical policy at the direction of the manager.

Lines of communication are to the manager with liaison to those employees of the company concerned with health and safety.