Dr. Edward M. Gardiner


Dr. Edward M. Gardiner

Dr. Edward M. Gardiner is the President and Owner of ErgoMed, Occupational Health Services.

A graduate of University of Ottawa Medical School in 1974, Dr. Gardiner moved to Northeastern Ontario in 1977 where he practiced medicine in Kirkland Lake until 2000. He presently practices family medicine on a part time basis and is associated with the Renfrew Victoria Hospital.

During the last 10 years of his time in Northeastern Ontario, Dr. Gardiner’s practice was 50% involved in Occupational Health issues. He was the Occupational Health Physician at Kinross Gold Corporation, Macassa Operation on a part-time basis since 1991. Also providing part-time Occupational Health advice and on-site visits to Malette Sawmills Inc. in Kenogami (since Dec. 1995) and the Elk Lake Planing Mill in Elk Lake Ontario (since Jan 1995). As of January 1996, He provided part-time Occupational Health Physician advice and site visits to Battle Mountain Canada Ltd., Holloway Mine. In addition to onsite advice and preemployment services to these companies a number of WSIB appeals and applications for Secondary Injury Enhancement Funding were written.

Since moving to the Ottawa Valley, Dr. Gardiner has begun offering Occupational Health Services to a few, selected local companies. He presently works part-time for Haley Industries Ltd., (a sand casting foundry for the aerospace industry), Scapa Tapes North America, (a manufacturer of industrial adhesives and tape), Smurfit MBI, (corrugated cardboard manufacture and custom cardboard box manufacture), and Domtar Inc., (specialty paper division at the E.B Eddy site in Ottawa).

Dr. Gardiner has achieved Certified Member designation under the Occupational Health & Safety Act, Phase 2 and certification in the Foundry module for hazard specific training.

Dr. Gardiner has certified training in accident investigation, planned workplace inspection, ergonomics, respirator protection and fit testing and WSIB claims management. He is also a certified Medical Review Officer (MRO) with competency in workplace drug and alcohol screening and program design and implementation.